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ein weiteres underground konzert !

alternative / dark wave / post-punk / wave






(pictures by bragolin)



Bragolin is a two-piece post-punk band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. The name is inspired by Italian painter Giovanni Bragolin, famous for his crying boy paintings. The band is lead by singer/guitarist Edwin van der Velde of Zwarte Poëzie, with Maria Karssenberg on guitar and organ.


In 2018 the band released their 8-track debut album ‘I Saw Nothing Good So I Left’ which was recorded by Van der Velde and former band member Isolde Woudstra who also takes credit for the mesmerizing album cover and vocals on the album’s title track. The release was produced by René Jongeneelen of Malochia and Contrast, it will be out on CD and vinyl via Young & Cold Records in spring/autumn.


Bragolin’s sound contains a mixture of baritone guitars reminding of 80’s new wave bands, to 90’s reverb laden shoegaze guitars. Instead of the music which the guitar sounds resemble, the mixture with pounding drummachines and bass synthesizers creates Bragolin’s danceable dark wave sound. The songs vary from pulsating and addictive riffs in their first released music video ‘Into Those Woods’ to the apocalyptic atmospheres of ‘In Our Field Of Oaks’ which contains guest vocals by dark pop singer Adam Usi. The organ sound, the horror movie inspired lyrics and touching voice of Van der Velde complete their unpredicted haunting sound.




// alternative/ / dark wave // post-punk // wave