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Sieben is the one-man, violin-looping work of Matt Howden. He beats, plucks, thumps and sings into a poor violin that he really shows no mercy to. Very occasionally he’ll play it like a normal violin. There’s nothing normal about Howden, we can assure you.

Sieben ist das Ein-Mann, "Violinen- Looping" Projekt von Matt Howden. Er schlägt, zupft, "thumbs" und besingt seine Geige und entlockt dem Instrument gnadenlos unbeschreibliche Klänge. Gelegentlich, spielt er die Geige auch traditionelle. Jedoch ist es sicher, dass seine Musik außergewöhnlich ist.

The next Sieben album Crumbs From The Rich Man’s Table is scheduled for release Summer 2018

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“A Sieben show is like a one-man whirlwind with a violin”

Sonic Seducer Magazine, Germany

“bringing us driving rhythms, vocals as intense visions and charming landscapes, loop by loop building a shining star-way over the Abyss, to our dreams.” MJR Festival, Lithuania

“Matt Howden writes songs for voice and violin, feeding both into a loop station to build up layers of sound. At even the most fundamental level, his work links acoustics and electronics” Adrian Ainsworth- Specs Blog, UK

Sieben Discography:

Crumbs From The Rich Man’s Table (due 2018)

The Old Magic 2016

The Other Side Of The River (sister to The Old Magic) 2016

Each Divine Spark 2014

No Less Than All 2012

Star Wood Brick Firmament 2011

As They Should Sound 2009

Desire Rites 2007

High Broad Field 2006

Ogham Inside The Night 2005

Sex & Wildflowers 2003

Our Solitary Confinement 2002

The Line & the Hook 2001

Forbid The Sun's escape 2000

Previous Sieben album, The Old Magic, review here: